Why Insects as Food?

The benefits of insect food. Where to b*gging start? 

Edible insects - the tiny giants of super foods. Here are some mind- blowing facts laid out, plain and simple. 






In our opinion, insects are one of the greatest foodstuffs on this planet. Edible insects, and more specifically house crickets, are an ideal source of quality protein thanks to their amino acid composition: 




While crickets are primarily known as a potential protein source, it furthermore contains a high
quality of lipids (e.g. omega-3 and omega-6). We as humans need to get the essential omega-3 (α-
linolenic acid) and omega-6 (linoleic acid) fatty acids from the diet. While omega-6 fatty acids are
available from various food sources, also plant foods, omega-3 fatty acids are scarcer, and at risk
of being deficient in diets with little animal-source foods.

Dietary Fibre
Beyond their nutritional value, food insects may also provide unique functional benefits to human
health. Particularly interesting is chitin. Crickets are characterized by having an exoskeleton which
is made up of chitin. Chitin is a complex polysaccharide structure which is recognized as dietary

Insects are good sources of minerals like iron and zinc. Iron and zinc from animal-food sources are
beneficial because of high bioavailability. Crickets also contain calcium, magnesium, sodium and
chloride, selenium, and iodine.

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