BUGBITES® Natural Pack
BUGBITES® Natural Pack
BUGBITES® Natural Pack
BUGBITES® Natural Pack

BUGBITES® Natural Pack

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Great taste!

Perfect snack after the gym

Healthy option for a breakfast!

Full of protein, iron and zinc

Already sold by the biggest retailers in Finland

    Easy to use


      BUGBITES® is an insect and vegetable protein-based snack. Whether it is eaten directly from a pack or incorporated into your dishes, it helps you to achieve the daily nutritional goals you have while tasting b*gging delicious!

      And by the way, eating insets is crazy ecological. Growing crickets causes 98 % less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional meat. It also requires only a fraction of the water and space compared to any other protein source! Pretty amazing, right?

      Pack: 50g

      Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 1215kJ/290 kcal, Fat 3,6g of which saturates 0,9g, Carbohydrates 37g of which sugars 1g, Fibre 3,9g, Protein 43g, Salt 1,33g, Iron 7,3mg, Zinc 4,4mg.

      Ingredients: oat snack (oat flour (26%), barley starch, pea protein, soy protein isolate, powder from cultivated tropical house crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus) (7,5%), salt. Cross-allergy is possible in people who are allergic to crustaceans, mollucs and/or dust mites.


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