THE NEW WAY – NO WHEY! Entis introduces protein powder with crickets as an alternative to whey protein

Today we have launched a protein powder which is completely dairy, gluten and soy free. Entis Protein Power* is a protein powder made of vegetable proteins and crickets.

Our goal was to upgrade protein powders to the next level. The cricket powder is there to perfect the nutritional profile - in addition to perfecting the amino acid profile, crickets are high in vitamin B12, iron, zinc and dietary fiber which are surprisingly underrepresented in protein products in general. It also enhances the amino acid profile of the pea and pumpkin protein we’ve chosen to use

The protein market has been dominated by whey protein which is made of milk. We wanted a great-tasting powder that isn’t made of milk and is more stomach-friendly. Entis Protein Power* also tastes amazing, especially with oat milk.

We at Entis want to reshape the concept of insect food and what it means to consumers - it’s no longer something you eat for the thrill, it’s something you can eat on a daily basis. Cricket powder is a great boost to basically any meal. It is the ultimate superfood ingredient, either as an added kick of nutrients or the main ingredient. It is important to get over the initial stereotype that you have to stare at a whole insect on your plate.

So, ready to try it? See the product here: 

(*Yes, we know the D is missing.)


cricket protein powder package and a hand pouring it to a shaker

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