Insect food ambassadors: Meet BrightSeitz!

Dear Bug Lover,

We are more than happy to introduce you to our next insect food brand ambassadors: meet BrightSeitz (@bright_seitz on Instagram)! We had a chance to interview this energetic duo a while ago - here's what we found out!

Tell us a little about yourselves?

Anton: My name is Anton Bright and I'm currently studying sports management and coaching at the University of Bath. I have lived  in Luxembourg all my life and I have now moved to Tampere. My main sport is football.

Simeon: My name is Simeon Seitz and I'm studying as an exercise instructor at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences for the second year now. I have lived almost all my life in Tampere. I don't have any main sport at the moment, but I actively go to the gym and I jog and play all kinds of games. I have also played football and done ski jumping in the past!

 What is BrightSeitz?

BrightSeitz is currently an Instagram account, but we aim to build a real company around sports. We are two friends whose goal is to make people move and make them enjoy it. Our motto is the bright side of sport = BrightSeitz of Sports, which reflects our attitude towards exercise and sport. Quality and enjoyment before anything else.

 How did you start BrightSeitz?

Originally, the two of us were connected by sports. Simeon took part in a sports themed confirmation school where Anton was his YCV in 2014. This gradually started to form a friendship and every summer, when Anton came to Finland, he stayed with Simeon's family. Both found a similar interest in sports and exercise and we both started studying in the field of sports.

We started thinking about how nice it would be to work together and we had also noticed that our last names would form a good company name - BrightSeitz (pronounced in English in the same way as "Brightside"). We both ended up doing an internship at Varala Sports College and that’s when we decided it was time to get started. We set up an Instagram account for BrightSeitz on February 20, 2020, and thus began to create a customer base for us. Now we have been working for over 9 months and we have grown a lot! The journey is yet to continue from here.

 What is important to you in food?

For us, food needs to be nutritious and support our active lifestyle. Today we also pay a lot of attention to the environmental aspect of food and we also appreciate highly if the food is produced in Finland. We avoid ready-to-eat meals because of both ecological and nutritional reasons. In our opinion, home cooked meals are the best.

 What is your favorite Entis product and why?

Our favorite Entis product is definitely BugBites protein snack and we find both flavors really good! We like BugBites because they are an easy source of protein and they are a great snack after a workout. We usually eat them as they are, or among yoghurt or porridge. BugBites protein snack also brings a good texture to porridge and yoghurt.

 Where can I learn more about BrightSeitz?

You can learn more about BrightSeitz on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. Currently, the most active channel is Instagram. See the the links below!

Instagram: @bright_seitz

Facebook: BrightSeitz 

Youtube: BrightSeitz 



See BrightSeitz' favorite products here:


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