5 Ways Insect Food Makes You a Better Lover

"You know what they say:

eat bugs, enjoy your .....



Yes, we do believe insect food really can make one a better lover. We do realize this is quite a brave statement and of course we need to have some rock solid proof of this, right? Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how edible insects can boost your love life better than Cupid’s gold-tipped arrows. Because in the end - nothing really beats a really good b*g.

chocolate crickets in a glass

If you eat edible insects you most probably are:

1. Open minded

According to our (super scientific) research, people consuming insect food are more open minded than average consumers. We strongly believe this is reflected in their lives in other ways as well.  Let's say for example, when their wife comes home with a new puppy (or five), they most likely have an open mind towards this idea, too!

2. Caring

It is clear that you really care about others as well as yourself when you consider environment in your diet. By consuming environmentally friendly insect food you not only give a caring impression of yourself but also save fresh water, land and feed.

3. Perfectly fit for action (always in all ways)

Ok ok ok, insect food alone isn’t enough to make you fit for anything, and we’re pretty sure it would be illegal to claim so. BUT edible insects are a perfectly sized piece in the puzzle of a well-balanced diet. AND by eating well, you usually have enough energy to firstly survive life but secondly run an extra mile in everything you do. You know what they say: eat bugs, enjoy your..... hugs.

4. Humorous

You most likely don't take yourself too seriously. Eating bugs might still raise eyebrows in some circles, but with some humor and self-irony you will quickly notice how people actually get curious about it. And yes - that's something you already knew, dear Bug Lover.

5. Patient

If you managed to read this far, congratulations. Patience is one of the most important traits of an awesome lover. Edible insects have kept us all waiting for their legalization in the Western World and now it’s finally possible to buy insect food online, fully legally!


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