Edible insects ambassador interview: Päivi Ilmarinen - Yoga Wheel Instructor

It's time to introduce our next ambassador: meet Päivi, also known as @paiviil on Instagram. Päivi is the master of headstands and she also makes spectacular smoothie bowls!


Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Päivi, I'm 33 years old and I live in Keuruu, Finland. I am currently studying for a Master's degree in Social Sciences and also working as a group exercise instructor. I have experience in many different types of group exercise but my absolute favorite has been the Yogawheel classes, which, as the name implies, are performed with yoga wheels. I became a yogawheel instructor in 2018.  In addition, my daily life is accelerated by my active family and our two mixed-breed dogs. I also surprised myself this summer and started playing football! The eternal solo-exerciser suddenly became a team athlete as well:)

What is your favorite yoga exercise?

I like tricks the most and I love to do stand on my head! I originally got a yoga wheel for myself because I wanted to learn how to do a headstand. I ended up learning this and much more. However, I never force the clients in my classes to stand on their heads, unless they want it themselves. I like to challenge myself and pursue different poses and tricks. Practicing with a yoga wheel is fun because you can see your own progress quickly when you just remember to practice regularly.


Who would you recommend yoga wheel exercises to and why?

To almost everyone, regardless of their age, gender or sports background! Yoga wheel is an excellent aid for stretches and poses, the exercises can be adjusted to the right level for each person. Yoga wheel exercises are especially beneficial for the back, shoulders and chest, but pelvic mobility can also be greatly improved with regular exercise. Yoga wheel exercises improve mobility, body control and also strengthen your core strength.

What things about food do you consider to be most important?

What is important to me, is the origin of the food, domesticity and, of course, the versatility of the food. I like to try new things and I also strive for responsible choices from an environmental perspective. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me, and I love to fuss around in the kitchen preparing a spectacular breakfast. I also like the fact that food is easily prepared during the week, on weekends it is sometimes nice to spend a little longer time in the kitchen preparing great meals.

Why do you like Entis and what are your favourite products?

I like Entis' bold attitude to try and do something completely new because that is what we consumers need! My favorite products are definitely the Natural BugBites on top of my smoothie bowls and of course the cricket chocolates :) Entis' cricket chocolates are also a great gift idea and these were hidden in our stockings at Christmas.

See Päivi's favourite products here:



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