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Edible insects ambassador interview - meet Minttu Tuominen

Our next ambassador is Minttu, also known as @minttutee15 on Instagram. In our opinion, she might be one of the coolest hockey players on Earth.

Edible insects and ice hockey - match made in heaven


Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a hockey player and I’ll be turning 30 soon. On top of my own training routine I spend my evenings coaching a girls’ junior team. I play for Kiekko-Espoo, a team from southern Finland. I’m a defence player in their women’s league team, wearing no. 15.

How did you end up playing ice hockey?

I’ve always been into sports and played football, basketball and ringette from an early age all the way through primary school, until a friend lured me into trying ice hockey. That’s when I decided to drop everything else. I did go to hockey class at the age of 6 for a little while, but it didn’t grow into a hobby at that point.

How is your typical training day?

A typical training day consists of 4 to 6 hours of workout, which I split into two sessions.  

The morning routine is either a shorter warming-up or a maintenance workout, or alternatively a longer session of strength training. In the evening, depending on the day’s theme and the routine I did earlier the same day, it’s speed, strength, stamina or range of motion exercises, followed by around an hour and a half of training on ice and wrapping up with a cool-down.

Why do you like Entis and what is your favourite edible insect product?

The most important factors about food to me are its nutritional values, minimum effort in prepping, and it making me feel good. Recently the ecological impact of food has taken a bigger role in my diet. Food is my fuel for doing sports.

Being planet-friendly and great-tasting products are definitely the best thing about Entis! I use their chocolate protein powder on a daily basis and particularly like the dark chocolate version of Bugbites. Their cricket chocolates make great treats.  

Insect food and ice hockey - match made in heaven

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