Buggy Road with Entis BugBites

Entis BugBites is a cereal-like protein snack made of crickets and vegetable proteins. BugBites is a great protein snack as it is, but we've heard many people have also gotten pretty creative with it.

And because sharing is caring, we wanted to share some of the bugging recipes also with you. So, here's one of the yummy recipes:

Buggy Road

Bar of dark chocolate with 72% cocoa

BugBites Natural

Small handful of peanuts

Sea salt

(These are not ingredients, but strongly recommended:)

A pie dish

A freezer

Melt a bar of dark chocolate with 72% cocoa, mix with a bag of natural BugBites and a small handful of peanuts. Choose a mold (e.g a pie dish). Press firmly against the mold and shape the mixture into a single solid piece. Drizzle the last of the melted chocolate onto the cluster, and sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on top. Freeze for 10 minutes. 


Buggy Road made of Entis cricket snacks and chocolate

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