Black Bugging Friday Vol. 2 - Our webstore is closed

Black Bugging Friday Vol. 2 – Our webstore is closed! is closed throughout the entire Black Friday. This is our second* protest against Black Bugging Friday here at Entis.

But this still won’t be our final statement. We give you our word to add one day of close-down to our Black Friday campaign each year. Meaning that in 2020, we’ll be shut on Thursday and Friday. In 2021, we will flip the switch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You get our drift? Basically, what we are saying is that in the year 2384, we will close down altogether. Although we firmly believe the food industry will have gone through some major changes by then and that we can kick back, relax and take that well-deserved one-way ticket to retirement. 

Why are we doing this, you ask? The plain and simple reason is that the Black Bugging Friday is, all in all, quite black at heart. The peak of Finnish consumerism was on the 5th of April this year, over 6 MONTHS AGO. Nevertheless, we are expected to go and spend our hard-earned money on all kinds of glittery plastic junk we don’t actually need.

But food is something we absolutely need. The food industry is responsible for nearly 1/3rd of all the greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale. Changing our food production systems is one of the best ways of eliminating problems such as Black Bugging Friday.

We at Entis headquarters believe in the power of insects: They are one of the most sustainable ways of sourcing protein on a global scale. We see that we’ll be able to go head to head in pricing with traditional meat production within the next 5 years – and that’s when things will get interesting since it will open lots of new doors in product development what comes to protein products as well as meat substitutes.

So perhaps, instead of throwing your euros (or whatever currency happens to jingle in your pocket) down a not -so-metaphorical pooper by buying bric-a-bracs, would it make more sense to buy cool food of the future?

Happy Black Bugging Friday!

Love, Entis.

*Read about our first protest here:

P.S. Don't worry, we will be back on Saturday morning!

Black bugging Friday

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