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Black Bugging Friday is upon us - and so, we decided to significantly lower our webstore prices. But this is no ordinary campaign discount, nor does it only last throughout Black Bugging Friday. No, this stunt is a PERMANENT PRICE DROP and our first protest against Black Bugging Friday.

Black Bugging Friday is truly quite gloomy. In fact, the heyday of consumerism here in Finland was the 5th of April this year. That was over 6 MONTHS AGO. Despite this small minor detail, we are expected to throw money at everything that moves in late November and get all kinds of shit* we don’t actually need.

Food. That’s something all of us must get, though. Food production generates nearly 1/3rd of all the planet’s greenhouse gases. By changing the way we produce our goods is one of the best ways of finding solutions to many of humanity's stupidities such as Black Bugging Friday.

We at Entis headquarters believe in the power of insects: They are one of the most sustainable ways of sourcing protein on a global scale. We see that we’ll be able to go head to head in pricing with traditional meat production within the next 5 years – and that’s when things will get interesting since it will open lots of new doors in product development what comes to protein products as well as meat substitutes.

We’d like to bring future and already existing price cuts to your fingertips sooner rather than later. So, please enjoy our updated, lowered prices - it will gradually enable some big changes in the food industry:

Entis Family pack: New price 15,95, Previously 19,99

Entis BugBites Protein Snack: New price 2,99, Previously 3,99

Entis Chocolate Covered Crickets: New price 3,50, previously 4,99 (An excellent stocking filler if we may say so ourselves).

Happy Black Bugging Friday!

Love, Entis.

* Yeah, humble apologies for the potty mouth.

Black bugging Friday

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