Ambassador Interview: Wiidakko Mike - Sprint Runner


Our first ambassador interview is here! Today, we will introduce you to Mike, also known as wiidakko_mike on Instagram.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Mike, a 30 year-old from Helsinki. Most of my time goes into building my business, hanging out with friends and of course, into my main focus, sprinting, and to the versatile training program that comes with it.

How did you get involved in track and field? 

I’d been playing football since I was 8 years old and then in 2011 I crossed over to track and field, just to experiment. First I ran long distance, but at some point I got really interested in sprinting. As I got better, I really started to enjoy the competitions and that’s the track I’m still on today.  

What’s your typical training day like? 

The routine depends on where the season’s at. During off-season, the focus is on maintaining and building general fitness and strength through different exercises that include running and aerobic training. When the season is on, the aim is to maintain what’s been built during off-season and working on gaining speed and power through explosive strength training. This includes sprint start practice, short power and speed exercise cycles at the gym and dash training. 

What do you consider to be most important about food in general and in terms of supporting your training? 

A diverse diet without forgetting the occasional treat, of course! When you train a lot, in order to make progress it is crucial that the amount of energy used meets with how much you take in.  

Why do you like Entis and what are your favourite products?

Entis products are a great fit for me as far as nutritional supplements go, especially in the mornings and post-workout. Well, if I can’t pick all of them, then it must be their protein powder and crunchy snacks! :)

Thank you for the interview, Mike!

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