Ambassador Interview: Mima


Our next ambassador is Mima, also known as @mimajms on Instagram. In our opinion, Mima is a superhuman. She's also a veterinarian-to-be and the owner of Mauno the Hedgehog.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a life-long daydreamer from Toholampi, Finland, who has found herself in the concrete jungle for studies. My current daily life consists of photography, chasing after footballs and adventuring out to watch birds. In reality though, when I grow up I’m going to be a veterinarian. 

How did you end up studying veterinary medicine? 

Looking at my resume and hobbies you wouldn’t think you’re looking at a future vet. My CV has everything from formation marching to marketing assistant. I’ve known since I was 3 years old that I want to be a vet and a vet only, and having recently finished my first semester, that notion has only been reinforced. 

What things about food do you consider to be most important?

That it’s first and foremost home-grown! The more I’m able to favour local goods, the better. I want to avoid sending my money abroad if I can help it and support local producers and companies instead. 

Why do you like Entis and what are your favourite products? 

Entis brings consumers ecological, sustainable options with brand new experiences in taste! Their products are simple and easy to make us of and have great nutrients in them. On top of that, I like Entis as a company, as it’s easy to approach and it’s always nice to have a face for the brand and products you buy. My absolute favourite product so far is definitely Dark Chocolate BugBites! :)

Thank you for the interview, Mima!

See Mima's favorite product:

BugBites Dark Chocolate 5-pack

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