Ambassador Interview: Johanna Kokkila - Bikini Fitness Athlete

Johanna Kokkila

Here we go again! Our next ambassador interview is with bikini fitness athlete Johanna Kokkila - @johannakokkila on Instagram.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am 26 years old and I work as a class -and health education teacher and I run my own business. I’m passionate about sports and the healthy lifestyle in general. I have my fingers in lots of pies all the time and I’m all about challenges and new projects. 

How did bikini fitness enter your life?

I’d quit synchronized skating and felt like finding a new competitive sport to focus on. I got really into the healthy lifestyle scene and wanted to gain a bit of strength. It felt natural to have a mentor, so I chose to hire a personal trainer. The first time I went to see a fitness competition I recognised that same feeling I had when I was still taking part in skating competitions - that’s when I knew I had to get into fitness circles. A few years later I took part in the junior league for the first time and got a taste of success. And of course, I got even more ambitious after that. :) 

Describe your usual training day

It’s all tied to whether it’s a workday or not, but usually I try to be as active as possible on a daily basis. I train around 5 times a week at the moment. On weekdays I tend to train in the afternoons and evenings and I like a morning workout on the weekends. My workouts consist of a  thorough warm-up, the main workout for muscle building, and a warm-down that can be a subtle raising of heart rate, relaxed walking or stretching. My workouts are normally 45 mins to an hour. 

What do you consider to be most important about food in general and in terms of supporting your training? 

I am pretty particular about my diet and have spent a lot of time studying nutrition. At the start of the competition season I don’t weigh my portions and using common sense when planning your meals is key. I don’t personally use products that have dairy, gluten or red meat, so what takes most effort is figuring out sources of protein. When you do sports it’s important to get enough carbs, too. I favour nutritionally rich, natural and ecological options. A healthy diet doesn’t mean you can’t have great taste, too!  

Why do you like Entis and what are your favourite products? 

Best thing about Entis is their planet friendly approach and nutritionally rich products. I am quite the “healthy baker” and found their chocolate protein powder to be a great ingredient in my recipes. So that must be my favourite.

Thank you for the interview, Johanna!

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