5 Reasons to Try Entis Protein Power*

entis protein power package and oat milk being poured into a bottle

Phew, yesterday's launch was a total success - thanks to you guys! But in case you're still wondering what this is about, here's another 5 reasons to give Entis Protein Power* a shot.

1. An ultimate alternative 
Entis Protein Power is made of vegetable proteins and crushed crickets. It's dairy, gluten and soy free. It is a great, more stomach friendly alternative for people with special diets.

2. Upgraded by crickets - packed with nutrients  
The cricket powder is there to perfect the nutritional profile - crickets are high in vitamin B12, iron, zinc and dietary fibre which are surprisingly underrepresented in protein products in general. It also enhances the amino acid profile of the pea and pumpkin protein we’ve chosen to use.

3. Versatile
Entis Protein Power * can be mixed with oat milk or water. Plus, it's a great nutritional supplement for smoothies, pancakes or morning porridge - however you like it!
4. Planet friendly as b*g
Insect rearing produces 98% less greenhouse gas emissions and takes up only a fraction of space and water compared to livestock. It will be one of the most cost-efficient ways of protein production that will rival with traditional meat production in price and versatility within the next 5 years.

5. Taste
In taste tests, Entis Protein Power* has been describes as smooth and chocolatey - and just sweet enough. The nutty flavour of crickets compliments the chocolate perfectly.
(*Yes, we know the D is missing.)


Try it here:

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