5 Amazing Insect Food Pictures

When talking about edible insects, many people still associate it with something they have seen while visiting a street market in Asia or watching Fear Factor rerun on a Friday night. Yes, we admit that staring at these creepy looking crawlers eye-to-eye might not be the best way to raise your appetite (no matter how nutritious and tasty as b*g they were). But what if we told you, you could be able to consume insects as food completely WITHOUT this disgust factor? Sounds pretty great eh?

Our mission at Entis is to make insect food as delicious and good looking as we are ourselves and then add some more on top of that. Because in the end, the best way to eat is to eat by enjoying it. After years of product developing and testing, we have created products that have made even the most hardened cynics taste (and actually like) insect food.

So, if the creepy crawlers don't work for you, there's no need to worry, dear Bug Lover! Take a look at these 5 amazing insect food pictures and you'll soon notice there's actually nothing to be afraid of:


1. Entis cricket chocolate on top of ice cream

cricket chocolate with edible insects on top of ice cream

2. Entis Protein Power* -protein powder with yoghurt and blueberries (*Yes, the D's missing)

Insect protein powder with breakfast yoghurt

3. Entis white cricket chocolate on top of a white chocolate birthday cake

cricket chocolate with edible insects on top of a white chocolate cake

4. Entis BugBites protein cereal with yoghurt and apricot

insect protein cereal with apricot and yoghurt

5. Chocolate flavored Entis BugBites protein snack

protein cereal with edible insects next to clementines

Bugs and Hugs,


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